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A few of our products on display

CNC310 - Upgradable basic CNC controller, 3 Axis, USB interface, 125kHz
CNC720- 4 Axis controller, ethernet interface, 400 kHz
UIO-10  - Use external switches to control your CNC

A few of our demonstrations

  • Stepcraft machine controlled with our new CNC310 controller
  • Optiscout Software - Professional optical recognition software,and partner of Eding CNC
  • Deskproto CAM software - Given by 'Mr. Deskproto' himself: Lex Lennings
  •  Lathe demonstration - By the one-and-only Jan Binnendijk with his trusted Emco machine
  • InterAKT will demonstrate what you can do with a custom kinamatics in Eding CNC sofware

You bring your enthusiasm, we will bring food and drinks!


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 22-feb-2018 NEW: CNC760 Axis Breakout

Now it's also possible to simply connect the axis and extruders outputs with wire with this breakout board.


 6-feb-2018 Rapid Pro 2018

Eding CNC will attend RapidPro 2018 on March 7th and 8th. We are at booth #10.

This year we are joined by DeskProto '3D CNC MACHINING FOR NON-MACHINISTS'.


So come visit us, secure your free entry here.


 1-feb-2018 New dealer United Kingdom

We welcome a new dealer in the UK.



As a replacement of our old wireless pendant we introduce a new version.

This pendant has beside a new and updated look also support for 6 axis and

has lots more to offer. For more information click here.



New Service

We will soon offer a new service. We will keep you posted by email about new software releases

and/or inform you about new products & developments at Eding CNC.

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Application samples
3D in Foam

3D in Foam

Designed with Rhinoceros




22 Feb 2018
NEW: CNC760 Axis Breakout
6 Feb 2018
RapidPro 2018
1 Feb 2018
New dealer United Kingdom
1 Apr 2017
NEW: CNC760 & CPU5A Breakout