Welcome at Eding CNC Machine Controls

Professional CNC equipment is really expensive!
Therefor Eding CNC offers an affortable PC-based, with an external CPU, CNC control system.

Eding CNC designs and produces.

Advantages of the intelligent external controller :

  • smooth high-speed motion
  • Stability
  • Independent from Windows


BBR Machine

BBR Machine

Our first self made CNC machine, we had a lot of fun building and using it

Pronum Machine

Pronum Machine

Professionele freesmachine van Pronum (Portugal)

19 Apr 2015
June 27 2015 Open door Day!
Open door day at Eding CNC June 27
Tornado vase (120 mm/sec)

Tornado vase (120 mm/sec)

By Frank S. 3D printing expert.