Software overview


Operating systems:
Windows XP
Vista (Not recommended)
Windows 7
  Minimum PC requirements:
1.4 GHz processor
1 GB Ram
USB 2 port


PC based CNC control
Designed voor usage with external USBCNC CPU.

The result is hickup-free motion with higher speeds.

Design your next part while USBCNC is doing its job.

Look Ahead feed calculates the optimum path, and delivers the best possible performance. Especially CAD/CAM generated programms consisting of small line pieces will benefit immensely. 

On the Real-time graphic display you can whatch what the machine is doing. The graphic screen also visualises the movement limits of the machine.


Klick on a screen to see it in original size.

Operate scherm

The operate window. All machine operations take place from this window. In this window you can do everything mouse-less with function keys very quickly.


Program scherm

In the program screen, DXF and HPGL files can be imported.


Simple CAD/CAM functionality.

  • DXF
  • HPGL
  • Engraving
  • Drilling
  • Profiling/cutting
  • Pocket milling



Tool data for Tool-radius and Tool-length compensation, see G40, G41, G42, G43, G49.

For Lathe there is additional a tool X offset and a Tool orientation..



 Tools scherm

The Tools screen for milling. Tool data is entered here.


 Variable scherm

Variabele watch window. During test, the G-Code program can be single stepped and the variables can be watched here.


USBCNC has extended G-Code programming capabilities. During test/debug the variables can be watched while single stepping the programm.

  • # variables
  • Subroutines sub - endsub - gosub
  • While - endwhile
  • If - else - endif
  • Mathematical functions
  • User dialogs from the G-Code trough function "msgdlg". You can make your own wizzards with this.
  • Automatic tool change is aloso defined this way, direct in the G-Code macro file.

Simple setup
  • Choice of visible axes, x,y,z,a,b,c
  • Nr of steps/mm per axis.
  • Machine reach per axis
  • Max speed and Acceleration per axis
  • Homing speed, direction, position
  • Backlash compensation per axis.
  • Interpolation mode for A-axis: 4th axis milling, 4e as linear (Foam cutter), standard rotation axis.
  • Lookahead feed optimalisation angle.
  • IO modes and inversion.
  • Jog keys inversion for machines with moving bed.
  • PWM mode voor spindel speed control
  • Name of file to strore digitize data.
  • Password to prevent changes of the settings bij machine operators.
  • Handwheel parameters.
  • Favorite editor e.g. notepad++
  Setup scherm

Overview of all Settings.

Help screen  

Help Scherm

Help screen, quick overview of UI buttons and G/M codes.

Supported G-Codes

G0 rapid positioning
G1 linear interpolation
G2 circular/helical interpolation (clockwise)
G3 circular/helical interpolation (counterclockwise)
G4 dwell
G10 coordinate system origin setting
G17 XY-plane selection
G18 XZ-plane selection
G19 YZ-plane selection
G20 inch system selection
G21 millimeter system selection
G28 return to home
G30 return to secondary home
G38.2 straight probe
G40 cancel cutter radius compensation
G41 start cutter radius compensation left
G42 start cutter radius compensation right
G43 tool length offset (plus)
G49 cancel tool length offset
G53 motion in machine coordinate system
G54 use preset work coordinate system 1
G55 use preset work coordinate system 2
G56 use preset work coordinate system 3
G57 use preset work coordinate system 4
G58 use preset work coordinate system 5
G59 use preset work coordinate system 6
G59.1 use preset work coordinate system 7
G59.2 use preset work coordinate system 8
G59.3 use preset work coordinate system 9
G61 set path control mode: exact path
G64Px.x set path control mode: continuous with accuracy
G76 Threadcutting for lathe
G80 cancel motion mode (including any canned cycle)
G81 drilling
G82 drilling with dwell
G83 peck drilling
G84 right hand tapping
G85 boring, no dwell, feed out
G86 canned cycle: boring, spindle stop, rapid out
G87 canned cycle: back boring G88 canned cycle: boring, spindle stop, manual out
G89 cycle: boring, dwell, feed out
G90 absolute distance mode
G91 incremental distance mode
G92 offset coordinate systems and set parameters
G92.1 cancel offset coordinate systems and set parameters to zero
G92.2 cancel offset coordinate systems but do not reset parameters
G92.3 apply parameters to offset coordinate systems
G93 inverse time feed rate mode
G94 units per minute feed rate mode
G98 initial level return in canned cycles
G99 R-point level return in canned cycles


 M and other codes

M0 program stop
M1 optional program stop
M2 program end
M3 turn spindle clockwise
M4 turn spindle counterclockwise
M5 stop spindle turning
M6 tool change
M7 mist coolant on
M8 flood coolant on
M9 mist and flood coolant off
M30 program end, pallet shuttle, and reset
M48 enable speed and feed overrides
M49 disable speed and feed overrides
M60 pallet shuttle and program stop

Special M-codes to support the features of the USBCNC CPUs:

M80 drivers enable on
M81 drivers enable off
M82 AUX1 on
M83 AUX1 off
M84 PWMON on
M85 PWMON off
M86 PWM according S value
M87 PWM off