2012-03-10 17:46:57 (CET)

User interface

There are several pages:


  • Operate
  • Program
  • Tools
  • Variables
  • Setup
  • Help


Using control-tab, you can tab through them.


It is important that USBCNC is started started as administrator. On windows 7 this is not automatically done like in XP.

Click on the right mouse button and select “Run As administrator”. You can also set this in the ICON properties, compatibility.


When you start USBCNC for the first time you will get the Terms/Guarantee page click the language you read the text.
Then click agree if you agree. The operate page is shown. T
his is the main screen to do all machine operation’s from. But first some settings must be filled in before you can start, so go to the setup page.

Running a program and fast jogging is only possible after the machine is correctly homed, so this must be setup first.
The reason is that collision prevention is not active when the machine isn’t homed,
so damage to the machine may happen when homing is not performed.