2014-08-12 14:50:53 (CET)




Overview where USBCNC is placed

1. Operator

2. PC connected via USB or Ethernet to CNC Electronics cabinet, PC runs USBCNC Software.

3. Electronics cabinet, with power supplies, drives and USNCNC CPU.


5. CNC Machine.



The connection from CPU to the PC is USB or Ethernet depending on the CPU model.

The CPU delivers STEP/Direction signals to the power stage of each motor (drive),
the motor connections of the drive go to the motors inside the machine.

Other connections like home-sensor/switches go directly from CPU to the machine.
For detailed info on all IO signals see the info in the technical flyers of the CPU, available on the download page.


The Scope of the USBCNC product is the USBCNC software on the PC and the USBCNC CPU.