2012-03-05 10:27:53 (CET)


For Ethernet you need a free Ethernet connection on the PC, Add a 2nd network card if needed.
Connect the CPU using a 100 MBit UTP Cross cable. Then setup the Ethernet adapter.
Go to the windows network settings, the network adapter with No network access is one for the CPU:


Ethernet settings 1


Click on the adapter with no network access, here: "LAN-verbinding 4" here, the text in your PC may be different:


Ethernet settings 1


Press Properties:


Switch on only TCPIP (V4 if vissible)m uncheck the rest.


Press properties:


Ethernet settings 4


Fill in the data exactly as shown, do not use other IP adresses.

The PC LAN adapter gets IP Adress
The USBCNC CPU network is setup for


Press OK, now you can test if the network is working, click the Windows Start button, select all programs ==> accessories==>command prompt.

In the command prompt, enter ping, when connection OK, you should see:


ping OK


When connection Failed, you will see:


ping Failed



If you have this, check your cable, ist must be a !00 Mbit UTP Cross Cable.
Check again your network settings again. 
Check that the yellow led on the CPU is flashing at approximately 1Hz.


Nou you are ready to start USBCNC and continue with the settings inside USBCNC.
For Ethernet do not forget the Ethernet Check Box at the connection settings.