2012-03-13 20:23:49 (CET)



F11, Nesting:


  Nesting is a feature that allows to produce a product multiple times in X/Y ROWS: Nesting is reachable if the machine is in READY state, you can always press RESET to get it in ready state if it isn't.
Material size: set the material size in X and Y, it is shown in the graph.
Start offset: set an offset for starting, play with it and you will see what it does.
Pitch: the distances in X,Y of the products.
Number: Specify the number of products.


USBCNC will determine the max number of products.
App: Apply the current setting to the program.


Cancel nesting, back to only one product.

The Nest button F11, can be pressed to show/hide the nesting dialog.


Nesting internally uses coordinate system offset G59.3, the coordinate system offsets may not be used in the program, otherwise nesting

will not work, so no G54 .. G59.3 allowed in the program. G92 is allowed, but if changed must be set back to the original value at the

end of the program. The program must end with M30 otherwise nesting will not work.


The values above can also be set in the G-Code file like so:

%mx=200 Material size X
%my=200 Material size Y
%dx=200 the delta X  or pitch X
%dy=200 the delta Y  or pitch Y

the offset X

%oy=200 the offset Y

After pressing the App button, the nesting is applied to the program and shown:




Recommended is to create the g-code file for the product such that X0 Y0 is at the lower left side.

If you like to start not at the beginning, use the goto-line function and apply the NX NY values.

Happy production with Nesting!