2012-03-15 18:56:30 (CET)

Jog Menu and Jog pad

Jog Menu


  • F1, Reset
  • F2, jog mode continuous
  • F3, jog mode step 0.01
  • F4, jog mode step 0.05
  • F5, jog mode step 0.1
  • F6, jog mode step 0.5
  • F7, jog mode step 1
  • F8, jog mode step user value
  • F9, jog mode hand wheel / mpg X1
  • F10, jog mode hand wheel / mpg X10
  • F11, jog mode hand wheel / mpg X100
  • F12, return to main menu

 Jog pad




Jog by mouse, F12 return to main menu.


The function is similar to the jog menu, but it has some extra functionality with jog step.



When “Shift Coordinate System” is checked, jog-step functions as normal, the axes move one step at a time. The work position however remains the same. This is accomplished by modifying the active G92 offset. It is useful when e.g. during engraving you want to run the G-Code program again, but a little deeper in Z. E.g. you want to run the program 0.1 mm deeper, select jog step 0.1 and check “shift coordinate system” . Now press de arrow down button to move Z 0.1 mm down. Notice that the axis moves down but that the position remains the same. When you run your engraving program again the engraving will be 0.1 mm deeper into the material.

 This option is also very handy during turning. Your program has run and you measure the work piece and see its diameter is still a bit too big. So now use the –X button to compensate the diameter. Run the program again and your work-piece diameter will be correct.
 The amount of shift is shown at the right side. To reset the value to 0, which has no influence on the active offset nor machine position, uncheck, and then check “shift coordinate system”.