2012-03-18 18:43:48 (CET)

Tools Page



In this view you can define 99 tools with a length diameter and description. For Lathe operation there is additional and X-Offset and tool Orientation parameter. The tool information is used when you use the tool radius and or tool length compensation functions of the G-Code interpreter commands (G40 – G43).


Tools change

A tool change is performed in G-Code by M6 Tx where Tx is the new tool number. Tool number 0 means no tool. Normally the program is stopped on a tool change, with a user message to change the tool, pressing run again will continue the program. If you don’t want the program to stop, check AutoToolChange in the automatic menu bar. This setting is saved when you press save INI file in the setup screen.


Automatic user defined Tool change ATC

 When you want to define you own tool change cycle, you can edit the file “macro.cnc” in the USBCNC directory. When an M6 Tx is encountered, this is translated to a GOSUB of subroutine change_tool in the “macro.cnc” file. This suproutine then calls further subroutines drop_tool_x and pick_tool_x, if you have a toolchanger, you can add extra movements to the right tool position and control I/O for actually changing the tool.

As you can see, there are 2 additional parameters for turning, X-Offset and Orientation.