2012-03-18 18:47:43 (CET)

The variable page

This page shows the standard variables used by the G-Code interpreter. It also contains 4 watches to show your own variables if you are going to use the extended programming features. You will understand the meaning of this window after reading the G-Code interpreter functions and extended programming with variables.
The G68 rotation can be reset with the reset button under G68 Rotation. This is the same as entering G69 in MDI.

The G54 .. G59.3 offsets can be set by entering values and pressing enter. The G54..  G59.3 X,Y values can be defined as zero at current machine position by pressing the button. This works similar to G92 offset. The MDI equivalent for setting G55 offsets is G10 L20 P2 X0 Y0.


G92 is normally used for zeroing the machine at work piece coordinates. you can reset all offsets here to zero.


The G28 and G30 positions can be defined at current location by pressing the associated button.