2012-04-13 21:16:15 (CET)

Coordinate Systems

The blue crosses show the radius center of the tool.

The green crosses show the controlled point depending on the tool orientation. For orientation = 9 there is no offset compensation. For orientation = 2, the compensation in X is –tool radius, in Z also –tool radius.

You can set the offsets of the nine program coordinate systems using G10 L2 Pn (n is the number of the coordinate system) with values for the axes in terms of the absolute coordinate system.

You can select one of the nine systems by using G54, G55, G56, G57, G58, G59, G59.1, G59.2, or G59.3 (see Section 3.5.13). It is not possible to select the absolute coordinate system directly.

You can offset the current coordinate system using G92 or G92.3. This offset will then apply to all nine program coordinate systems. This offset may be cancelled with G92.1 or G92.2. See Section 3.5.18.

You can make straight moves in the absolute machine coordinate system by using G53 with either G0 or G1. 

Data for coordinate systems is stored in parameters, see the previous section.

During initialization, the coordinate system is selected that is specified by parameter 5220. A value of 1 means the first coordinate system (the one G54 activates), a value of 2 means the second coordinate system (the one G55 activates), and so on. It is an error for the value of parameter 5220 to be anything but a whole number between one and nine.