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Other Imput Codes

Set Feed Rate - F

To set the feed rate, program F… . The application of the feed rate is as described in

Section, unless inverse time feed rate mode is in effect, in which case the feed rate is as described in Section 3.5.19.



Set Spindle Speed - S

To set the speed in revolutions per minute (rpm) of the spindle, program S… . The spindle will turn at that speed when it has been programmed to start turning. It is OK to program an S word whether the spindle is turning or not. If the speed override switch is

enabled and not set at 100%, the speed will be different from what is programmed. It is OK to program S0; the spindle will not turn if that is done.

The CPU’s that support PWM output will have its PWM value set conform the requested spindle speed if the spindle is turned on.


It is an error if:

  • the S number is negative.


As described in Section, if a G84 (tapping) canned cycle is active and the feed and speed override switches are enabled, the one set at the lower setting will take effect. The speed and feed rates will still be synchronized. In this case, the speed may differ from what is programmed, even if the speed override switch is set at 100%.



Select Tool - T

To select a tool, program T…, where the T number is the carousel slot for the tool. The tool is not changed until an M6 is programmed (see Section 3.6.3). The T word may appear on the same line as the M6 or on a previous line. It is OK, but not normally useful, if T words appear on two or more lines with no tool change. The carousel may move a lot, but only the most recent T word will take effect at the next tool change. It is OK to

program T0; no tool will be selected. This is useful if you want the spindle to be empty after a tool change.


It is an error if:

  • a negative T number is used,

  • a T number larger than the number of slots in the carousel is used.


On some machines, the carousel will move when a T word is programmed, at the same time machining is occurring. On such machines, programming the T word several lines before a tool change will save time. A common programming practice for such machines is to put the T word for the next tool to be used on the line after a tool change. This maximizes the time available for the carousel to move.